About Tamami

Who am I?
I am…

  •  a Certified Facilitator of Byron Katie.
  • Japanese. Well, at least that’s what my passport tells me. I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.
  • an animal lover, especially dogs.
  • a onetime college dropout. But not anymore! I am a summa cum laude college graduate, with a degree in Social Work.
  • a writer. I love interviewing people whose work interests me (mostly in relation to spirituality.) My work has been published in Japan.
  • someone who cares. I care about people. When they need someone to talk to, cry with, or laugh with, I am there.
  • curious. I am curious to find out what’s bothering me in any given moment. I have to know.
  • learning to be with myself, understand myself, accept myself, love myself and give a permission to feel what I feel.

I am learning to be the Best Friend of Mind.

I look forward to meeting you!