Meeting Adyashanti

Meeting Adyashanti

interview scene When I showed up to the interview, I was beyond nervous. I was so nervous that I couldn’t even feel my nervousness, if this make any sense to you. Oh! I didn’t even introduce myself to Adya, as I learned when I listened back to the recording. That’s how nervous I must have been!

As Adya arrived, I felt like everything had slowed down. He was so calm and very present. I have never met anyone that so present and so calm before. His calmness made me very calm, yet alert at the same time. I didn’t want to miss anything so I basically focused on every word coming out his mouth.

It was a very insightful and educational hour sitting with Adyashanti. The expression ‘feeling grateful’ does not really describe how actually grateful I was. If you have been to one of his retreats or satsangs, you know how funny and down to earth he is. And that’s exactly how he was during our time. We laughed a lot and got very excited about our connection and level of engagement. What he told me at the end remains in my heart. What he said was: “I don’t care how or where this interview will be published. The most important thing was that you and I had this time together. I have really enjoyed our time together.” Yes, indeed. I too truly enjoyed our connection. Everything he shared with me was so insightful. I hope you felt that too from reading my blog.

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