Getting published

Getting Published

I went to Adyashanti’s silent retreat in 2013. I loved the experience so much and I wanted more. So I started looking for his next retreat/satsang and found that Adyashanti was coming to Santa Barbara in Jan of 2014. I immediately registered myself.

Meanwhile, I was contacted by a Japanese publisher who wanted me to help them conduct an interview with Byron Katie. They said they found my profile on I ended up helping them with some English to Japanese translation. This experience made me think to myself…I have experience working for Japanese publications in my 20s, and I’ve conducted plenty of interviews since then. So why not start to interview compelling people and provide those articles for interested Japanese publications?”

That’s how I decided to email Adyashanti’s office for an interview request. I sent the request a few weeks prior to the satsang in Santa Barbara and his assistant got back to me a few days prior to the satsang.

I didn’t yet have a concrete deal in place with a Japanese publication by the time I arrived in Santa Barbara. While I had an established relationship with the publication that I helped with Katie’s interview, they hadn’t committed to buying an interview/article with Adyashanti.

I met Adya’s assistant prior to the interview. She asked me whom I was working for and what the focus of my interview would be. As I didn’t have a deal in place, I told her that I was still shopping the concept of this piece around to different Japanese publications. As for the purpose of this interview, my intentions were very clear: I wanted the Japanese audience to learn more about Adyashanti and his people cover

Adya’s assistant gave me a few additional Japanese contacts. For instance they had an established relationship with a publishing company in Japan, Natural Spirit, which had previously published some of Adya’s books in Japanese. I started feeling like this was meant to be. While I hadn’t made a solid deal in Japan yet, Adya’s people were interested in helping me get this interview published. I started feeling like wheels were really starting to turn. Sure enough, just a few days after the interview, Natural Spirit contacted me to purchase the article. While I had been proactively trying to make a deal, in the end my publishing partner came to me!

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