I have worked with Tamami many times both as a client and as a participant in her workshop. Tamami is an open hearted and compassionate facilitator. She holds inquiry with integrity, meeting me where I am in the process with presence and clarity. I remember one specific situation where I was stuck and called her for help with filling in my Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet. I was a mess and she was so solid and kind, asking me the right questions to calm me and get my thoughts down on the paper. I am grateful for Tamami’s commitment in the The Work and her service in sharing it.

J.P. From Indiana

Five years ago I was finishing up a 9 day School for The Work of Byron Katie. I was having lunch and I sat down next Tamami, whom I never met before. I knew we would connect as soon as she asked me “how was your School?” she looked at me with rapt attention and just listened curiously, openly and responded so authentically. I felt so open and excited to be telling her my experiences.

Tamami and I continued to stay in touch. We would talk and listen to each other. At times when something painful would come up for me she was always willing to be there. Her response was consistently “sure, when would you like to meet to do The Work?” As I did The Work with Tamami I found her to bring a quiet presence, an understanding that helped me self-connect, a curiosity that opened me to explore my issue even deeper, and kindness that allowed trust and confidence to arise which I experienced as a gentle holding. Tamami showing up in this way in facilitating me allowed me the space to quietly, deeply, see what was moving in me and for that I am grateful. I usually left the sessions quieter, clearer and open.

As a recipient of Tamami’s facilitation I am delighted to share this with you knowing that whomever she sits with will benefit.

M.E. From New York

Tamami held me where I was. She brought me back to inquiry when I was in “the story” or left the situation. She worked deeply with me when we were going through “How do you react when you believe the thought?” I left each session with great clarity. She continually help point me to the “stressful moment” as opposed to the story running from previous situations. This was very very helpful. I think she is a very qualified facilitator. She completely joined me in my inquiry. I also appreciated her clarity. She understood my feelings as she too was experiencing them.

S.B. From Massachusetts