Why Work with a Certified Facilitator

CF_logoHave you ever experienced…

  • Your ego (mind) hiding or running away from the pain you are feeling in the moment?
  • Not even knowing how to identify what’s bothering you?
  • Feeling fearful when you think about letting go of your old stories (your identity) and interpretations of the events and relationships in your life.

As your Certified Facilitator, this is how I can support you. Together we  will:

  1. Identify your stressful thoughts.
  2. Get very specific, personal, and clear about the situation you are inquiring into
  3. Fill out a Judge-Your-Neighbor worksheet.
  4. Look for turnaround examples. The ego sometimes tricks us as we inquire. Together we can explore otherwise hidden options and avenues.
  5. Find the blind spots* (underworld)…

*Blind spots: I often call these the underworld. These are the thoughts that are hiding from us and until we start writing them down, we can’t see them. For example, when someone disagrees with me, I get upset quickly. What is the underworld for this situation? What is it that I am really believing under the belief of “they disagree with me?”

  • They don’t trust me
  • They think I’m not important
  • My opinion doesn’t matter to them
  • I can’t do anything right
  • They don’t like me
  • I am an outsider
  • No one understands me

The list goes on and on… In my experience, until I work on those underworlds, it’s hard for me to understand why this bothers me so much and I keep believing that “they should agree with me.” Consequently, I get upset every time someone disagrees with me. Until I work all the underworlds, I can’t find the peace within me.

tamami_sideviewWhat you need to bring to your first session with me?

Your open-mindedness. That’s all. I can’t wait to meet you! (“meet you” is linked to “contact” page)

What does it mean to be Certified?

To become a Certified Facilitator of The Work, a person attends the nine day School for the Work at least twice, once as a participant and once as staff. Candidates further train themselves in The Institute for The Work through:

  • 160+ hours of One-on-One Facilitation Training
  • 115+ hours as a Helpline Volunteer
  • 55+ hours of Online Courses
  • 30+ hours of working with a Certified Facilitator
  • 1 Certification Graduation Course

In addition to the basic requirements above, I have attended:

  • 1 additional nine day School for The Work as a participant
  • 2 additional nine day School for The Work as staff
  • 4 No-Body Intensive workshops
  • 1 Forgiveness Intensive Workshop
  • 1 Parent Workshop
  • 5 New Year Cleanse Workshops
  • Ongoing Katie at Home Workshops

Please contact for scheduling a session